Blackboard Academy

Blackboard Academy

Professional Development to deliver high quality teaching and learning with technology. Certified by Blackboard.

Transitioning to Online Teaching Workshops

These workshops are designed to equip faculty with the key competencies needed to design, develop, facilitate and evaluate an online course. With a focus on the development of practical skills, these courses give faculty the confidence to transition from teaching face-to-face to a blended or fully online mode leveraging the tools available in the Learning Management System.

Blackboard Digital Teaching & Learning Series for Individuals

The Digital Teaching and Learning Series is also offered to individual faculty and support staff in fully online courses. Be part of a global cohort of educators seeking to develop and certify their digital teaching knowledge and skills.

Blackboard Digital Teaching & Learning Series for Institutions

Today’s learners have high expectations for their academic experience. They desire a high quality, engaging teaching and learning experience that prepares them for success. And with technology playing a large part of their everyday lives, institutions and academic staff must be prepared with the right skills and competencies to effectively use technology in their teaching and learning approach. 

More Courses in Blackboard Academy

Our catalog includes courses on using data to inform teaching and learning, Accessibility, Online and blended learning in K-12 and more.

“This programme showed us the wide array of tools available for us in an online learning environment; the avenues and multiple alternatives technology provides is truly fascinating.” 

Carol Hewstone
Certified Digital Teaching & Learning Series Professor
Universidad de San Sebastián
Carol Hewstone of Universidad de San Sebastián

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