Distance Learning Platform with Web Conferencing and Collaboration

Give your learners a simple, convenient and reliable synchronous learning solution that’s built for education and training. Learners can engage with each other and the material, and feel like they’re together in the same room—wherever their day takes them, with their favourite device.

Digital Classroom Software

Like an in-person classroom or training setting, a virtual classroom is a place where learning happens. Educators facilitate, while learners actively engage with the material and interact with one another. All with the added convenience and cost savings that a digital environment has to offer.

Simple, Powerful Tools for Collaborative Learning

Bring your teaching and learning environment into the 21st century with two-way VoIP, multi-point video, interactive whiteboard, application and desktop sharing, rich media, mobile collaboration, live closed captioning and session recording.

Blackboard Collaborate

Blackboard Collaborate™ is a simple, convenient and reliable online collaborative learning solution. This one-click solution delivers a level of engagement that makes learners feel like they’re together in the same room via collaboration and conference tools.

Collaborate & Web Conferencing for Business & Government

Effective web conferencing offers cost savings by streamlining onboarding, communications, and services, and reducing travel. Get training that’s at least as good as in-person instruction and conference calls, while retaining and engaging employees.

Discover how easy it is to reach all of your students with Blackboard Collaborate.