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Blackboard Collaborate: Virtual Classroom Solution

A simple and reliable virtual classroom solution to power your online teaching and web conferencing needs.

Better Collaboration for More Effective Learning

Today’s learners want new ways to engage and collaborate. Virtual classrooms and online professional development deliver new opportunities to meet your learners where they are. Inspire and engage your learners with the easy to use online collaborative solutions they crave.

Key Benefits for Educators

Video file

Easily Reach Your Students, Wherever They Are

Give your students more options to stay engaged—with collaborative learning tools for their mobile-enabled lives.

Video Conference

Simple, Yet Full-Featured Collaboration

Web conferencing should be easy. Our capabilities are intuitive so you can focus on learning engagement, rather than managing technology.

Live Closed Captioning

Your All-In-One Flipped Classroom

Creative mobile-friendly flipped lessons that don’t disappear after two weeks.

Raise Hand

Unmatched User Experience, Convenience

Browser-based web conferencing means there’s nothing to install and every student and teacher has easy access.

Key Benefits for Learners

Collaborate Participant Chat

Your Learning, On-Demand

Pause, rewind, or fast-forward lessons. You’re in charge of your learning experience with Blackboard Collaborate.

Blackboard Collaborate

Rich, High-Quality Video & Audio

HD audio and video enables a more engaging learning experience. Display up to five HD videos per conference.

Collaborate Participant Polling

Synchronous Learning Is a Breeze!

Browser-based web conferencing means there’s nothing to install and every learner has easy access.

Collaborate Phone

A Classroom That Is Always on—and on You

No matter where you roam, work with classmates and professors from the comfort and convenience of your phone or tablet. Participate in class or study groups remotely. Get help from teachers wherever you are.

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